Sunday, June 18, 2017

A Father's Day Post from Ndola, written by Josie and Sadie

This is Josie Flanagan and Sadie Grunau

On Saturday morning, we went to Barefoot School to shuck corn that would be made into inshima, a traditional Zambian dish. First, we filled our bags with dried corn that was held in a large, square bin made of logs. We hit the bags with bamboo sticks to make the kernels fall of the cob. Then, we gathered all of the kernels together so they could be made into inshima. 

Throughout the day, Josie, Bella, Grace and I had the opportunity to go to St. Dominic's Hospital and observe and assist the dentists. We got to use the suction tool, and apply fluoride treatments to the patients. This was a really cool experience, and everyone that went really enjoyed it. On Saturday night, we went to a drama show called Miss Africa, which was put on by the Fatima students. There was modeling, and dancing and four winners who were crowned at the end of the show. We performed a dance for the students to the song "Wanna Be" by the Spice Girls, following the tradition set by past Team Mutomo members. Saturday was a really fun day with a lot of once-in-a-lifetime experiences!
-Sadie Grunau

This morning we went to Ndola for a traditional Catholic Zambian mass. The service was about two hours and was in the native language of Bimba. At mass, a loud, energetic choir sat in the front pews, and it was very exciting to witness such a lively community. The parish members sang and danced, and we all danced along! 

After mass, we went to a market in Ndola to get gifts for our friends and family. Not to spoil what you may soon receive, but the items that we purchased were all handmade wooden trinkets, jewelry, paintings, and other objects. After the market, we went back to Fatima and had lunch and down time to journal, nap, and make friendship bracelets. Tomorrow we are going to shadow high schoolers at the Fatima School, so after dinner tonight we will meet with our shadows and try on the uniforms we will wear. Today has been an exciting day, and we have learned a lot about the Zambian culture from going to mass and the market.

-Josie Flanagan

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