Saturday, June 18, 2016

As Our Journey is Ending...

Hi. this is Meghan Grimes! Over the past days, I have experienced so many new things, including new languages, new food, and many new people. One new experience that holds a special place in my heart is St. Anthony's orphanage. Here I met many amazing little boys and girls, as I will never forget any of them. In particularly, Oscar, a six year old boy, will always be my little buddy. His kind words and actions, as well as his undying spirit, will always be a great reminder to me in my daily life, as to how I should be. At St. Anthony's the children were greatly affected by our presence, just as much as their presence greatly affected my life. Throughout this trip, I have remembered that its about the small things and our presence that truly matters.

Lots of love, Meghan.

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  1. Greetings Team Mutomo from all of us in Costa Rica! I'm so glad you've had a memorable experience. I'm sure your presence meant a lot to the children and to the sisters. The world is such a big, beautiful place, isn't it? See you back at Vis. Love, Mrs. Miller